Years of experience

YNICORN® combines the experience of established entrepreneurs who lead companies in the 5th generation and lawyers who are specialized in advising investors and start-ups. Two worlds, which are rarely combined and are complementary to one another.

Million investment administered

The founders of YNICORN® have already established a number of companies, some of which have maneuvered over generations through the changing technologies / times and markets. Have worked in service providers for investment funds (which were specialized in the valuation, further development and exploitation of patent portfolios) with a volume of approximately € 200 million, gained experience and accompanied exits of companies.

Experts in the network

YNICORN® is now a strong agile network of more than 120 selected scientists and industry insiders who bring the necessary expertise from business and science. Only in this way is it possible to always keep the current state of knowledge available and to incorporate new developments across the different technology fields.